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What is Permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is also known as "Cosmetic Tattoo". Permanent makeup is possible through a procedure called micro-pigmentation in which pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin.

It can't be washed off, so you will have self-confidence in your natural look.

Providing industry-leading, revolutionary beauty treatments with the latest technology, Salon Island Beauty will exceed your expectations. Once our team determines which service is right for you, the treatment is completely personalized to fit your unique needs and ensure the best possible results.

Eyebrow Services

Nano Feather Brows

Nano Stroke is fairly similar to microblading. You will still get thin hair-like strokes which is achieved using a machine rather than a handheld tool. Nano stroke gives a natural yet fluffy hair stroke look. The machine uses a single needle vs microblading which uses multiple needles to carve into the surface of the skin. This technique is great for those who also have oily/big pore skin (microblading is not recommended for those with this kind of skin).

Powder Ombré

​Powder Ombre is a popular shading technique in which the head of your eyebrow is shaded in a light to dark gradiation toward the tail of your eyebrow. This technique is great for someone who wants to be able to roll out of bed and ready to walk out the door with perfectly shaded brows. People who choose powder ombré love the fact that their brows always look like they are wearing makeup. This technique is recommended for those with oily skin or that had previous permanent makeup done.

Men's Brow