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Eyelash Extensions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Eyelash Extensions ?

Eyelash extensions is a beauty service to apply single synthetic eyelashes to your
own natural eyelash to achieve a beautiful, full, luscious and long set of lashes that are natural in appearance. When applied properly you won't even know they are there. You will no longer need mascara or glue on lash strips which will save you precious time in the morning.

How long do they last ?

Approximately 3-5 weeks.
It will depend on your natural eyelashes condition, what kinds of extensions you
choose, or how you respect your new lashes and take care of them. Your designer will thouroughly explain how to take care of your eyelash extensions to best maintain them and your natural lashes.

My natural eyelashes are short. Is it possible to apply eyelash extensions?

Yes. It is possible if your eyelashes are at least 2mm. However, if your eyelashes are short, extensions may fall off sooner than someone with longer, healthier natural lashes. If your eyelashes are healthy, there will be no problem to apply lash extensions.

Do eyelash extensions make my own lashes fall out?

No. They don't if you have your lash extensions applied by a qualified and
experienced artist with a proper technique. The natural eyelashes have a growth cycle and are constantly being replaced like the hair on your head. When you have extensions, your lashes are thick and long, so it's more noticeable than before when your lashes have fallen off. Touching and rubbing your eyelashes will cause damage to your natural lashes, which may cause them to fall off before they are ready. Our designers will inform you on the best way to care for your lashes to avoid this.

Will the procedure hurt ?

No, eyelash extensions application should never hurt when applied properly. This is because, neither the eyelash extensions nor glue should ever touch your skin. In rare cases, some sensitive clients feel a slight sting before the glue dries up. However, it's very rare and lasts for a short time. Therefore, we ask you to close and relax your eyes during the procedure for your comfort and safety.

What kind of products are you using ?

We only use high quality Japanese products. All of the products such as
synthetic eyelashes, glue and remover are from one of the top eyelash brands in
Japan. Standards of product safety in Japan are different than those in the United States with the standards in Japan tending to be more strict. Our biggest concern will always be client safety and quality in our work. The products we choose reflect the high standards we have set for ourselves. 

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