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Areola Reconstruction

Helping empower and restore confidence in women who have fought breast cancer.

Areola Reconstruction

Ikumi Tsukiji.png

Artist Ikumi Tsukiji

We are honored to work with artist Ikumi Tsukiji, an areola reconstruction specialist who can perform this treatment for many women who have fought breast cancer. 

This Procedure can be done at our Waikiki or Kapolei salon performed by Japanese Registered Nurse Tsukiji Ikumi, who specializes in areola tattoos. Tsukiji is also a licensed tattoo artist here in Hawaii.

She is the master trainer for Unfe Areola Academy. 

While the original lumps and texture of your nipple area won't be felt, you'll be astounded by how micropigmentation can produce a 3D illusion of protruding nipples by employing pigments that mirror the shadows, patterns, roughness, and smoothness of your natural one.

Goal: Help clients who have overcome breast cancer feel empowered and confident again. We are grateful to be a part of these remarkable individuals' journeys.

Who is a Candidate?

The client must be 18 years and older.


It is typical for the skin in the tattooed area to be tight, sore, and minimal bleeding after areola reconstruction treatment is finished. For one week following the treatment, aftercare must be maintained to ensure there are no issues. 

  • Keep tattooed area clean

  • Avoid swimming pools, saunas, and beaches for 1 week post procedure. 

  • Do not take hot showers

  • Do not immerse tattooed area in water 

  • Gently wash the area with your fingers (do not use scrubs or pressing hard)

  • Apply antibacterial ointment as instructed by your artist. 

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