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The alternate, fast and safe way to luscious and voluminous hair.

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Hairloop extensions are artificial hair made of fiber, that provide volume to your hair with a pain-free application. It is a great alternative to taking medication or under going a medical procedure to having fuller hair. 


Step 1

Consultation. Before the application of hair loop extensions, your hair technician will consult with you about design, color, length, longevity, etc. Questions and concerns may be discussed during this time.  Client may choose the color desired or closest to your natural hair color, to make it appear as natural as possible.

Step 2 

Application. A range of 6-8 strands of Hairloop extensions are tied firmly to the root of your natural hairs using a handheld tool.  **Hairloop extensions are not made from real human hair. It is never glued or inserted into the scalp, nor is it a surgical procedure - it is a pain-free application!

Step 3

Style. In between applications, hair tools such as a hairdryer and flat iron may be used to set hair into desired style.

Step 4 

Aftercare. After the application, your hair technician will discuss aftercare instructions. It is highly recommended to take care of your hair by using shampoo, conditioners, as well as treatment or toners if needed. Please keep in mind that hair loop extensions are temporary as they will fall off along with your natural hair cycle. 


The material in hair loop extensions are heat safe, iron and thermal use safe, and can be dyed after.

Shape Memory: You can freely style your hair with Hairloop Extensions as they are heat resistant (up to 338° F).


High Durability: With strong durability of our extensions, you are able to color and perm your hair. 

Volume Up: Your hair can appear thicker with weighing less than 1/3 the weight of our natural hair yet with a firm thickness.


Choose from

10 different colors


 Q: How long does hair loop extensions hold together?

We all have a natural hair cycle where our hair strands fall off on their own. Hair loop extensions will fall off with our natural hair. About 1/3 to 1/4 of the extensions may fall off in a month, however it will depend on the time of your hair cycle.

 Q: Do the extensions affect my natural hair?  Is it easy for my natural hair to come off?

 Hairloop weighs 1/3 less than our natural hair, so there is no damage caused by the extension.

You do not have to worry about your natural hair coming off easily by applying extensions.

Q: Can I make a perm or color after connecting EXLOOP?​

Hairloop extensions are artificial hair made of fiber. Although it does not respond to chemical changes, it does not interfere with perming or coloring.  However, it is necessary to select the extensions according to your desired style, so please contact the stylist in charge for details.

 Q: Once I have the extensions on, can I take them out?

Hairloop extensions are firmly tied to the root of each natural hair and cannot be taken off except by natural hair cycle removal. We cannot manually take it off. 

 Q: Is there any irritation or itching on the scalp?

Because it is firmly tied to the natural hair from the root, it may pull the hair to some extent during application. There is a slight chance it may cause some irritation and itching, however, it will subside within a few hours to a few days (depending on the individual) after the treatment.

 Q: What kinds of shampoos and treatments do you recommend for home care?

We recommend using shampoos, treatments, and tonics to balance the scalp for at home care. It is important to take proper care for your hair everyday to maintain good condition of the extensions. 

Before & After Photos

***Please be aware that results will differ among each individual.

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Price List

100 strands (s)












*Prices are subject to change.

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