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La Stella Bunny Clear Mascara

Apply this clear mascara on your natural lashes or lash extensions to curl up and create a shine to your lashes. This mascara contains treatment: it conditions your natural lashes, blocks UV rays and oxidation, and allows for durability of your lash extensions. It is safe to leave overnight while sleeping as it will prevent your lash extensions from moving in different directions and keep in an upright position. You can use this mascara day and night. Made in Japan.

La Stella Bunny Clear Mascara

Excluding Sales Tax
    1. Carefully wiggle the mascara wand on your lashes, starting at the base and brushing up. 

    2. *If you have eyelash extensions, do not start at the base of your natural lashes as the mascara wand may tug on your lash extensions and get stuck. 

    3. Apply 1-2 coats as needed.

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