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Eyebrows can
be a Big Deal
for Men!

What are Microblading / Nanoblading?

Microblading / Nanoblading are also known as "Permanent Makeup" or "Cosmetic Tattoo".  Permanent makeup is possible through a procedure called micro-pigmentation in

which pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin.

Microblading / Nanoblading are the one of the permanent makeup techniques.  

It will create  hair-stroke like lines to fill in gaps on your eyebrows.


 It can't be washed off, gives fullness and a well groomed shape to your natural eyebrows.  

You will have self-confidence in your natural look without any effort!

Providing industry-leading, revolutionary beauty treatments with the latest technology, Salon Island Beauty will exceed your expectations. Once our team determines which service is right for you, the treatment is completely personalized to fit your unique needs and ensure the best possible results.

3 reasons men should consider
Microblading / Nanoblading 

Today, men are just as concerned about their appearance as women and spend more time and effort on daily care. Each may have their own problem like Alopecia, disease, thinning or

no hair, scarring, etc.  Also generally wanting to look their best at all times.

Men usually don't put on makeup like eyeliner or mascara to enhance their look like women.  

That means eyebrows can be a big deal for men!

"Eyebrows are a frame of your face"

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1. Fuller Brows


Men usually have stronger facial structures than women.  Fuller eyebrows are ideal for a masculine look. Many men feel that thin eyebrows make them appear weaker and have a softer look. Believe it or not, fuller eyebrows can make you look more professional and successful. Microblading / Nanoblading can give you fuller and well shaped eyebrows. The latest mens brow trends are thick and bushy brows.

2. Anti-aging

Many people experience hair thinning when they age. Thin eyebrows weaken a definition of your face. Refilling thin eyebrows can make you feel and look younger!

3. Solution for Hair loss


Alopecia, chemo-therapy, diseases, injury and aging can cause hair loss.  This can cause men to lose self-confidence in themselves.  Microblading / Nanoblading eyebrow treatment can re-create your eyebrows: reconstruct your eyebrows or filling in the missing hairs - your experienced artist will advise the best look for you.

Client Cases

cameraRollTempImage 9.JPG

This client has naturally thick eyebrows. But he said "Eyebrow tails have always been missing since when I was young.  It bothered me for a long time". Short and no tail brows give him a sad expression. The artist focused on creating nice eyebrow tails with a hair stroke technique, Microblading, to complete his look. His Eyebrow heads are almost untouched to leave them as natural as possible. He was happy with the result and said "I feel more confident. I wish I've done this sooner!"                                                                        

This young male client came for a microblading treatment.

He has big blue eyes but his eyebrows were not defined. The artist designed a little thicker shape and filled in the gaps with hair strokes.  Fuller eyebrows emphasize his beautiful eyes. Our artist customized a color to match his natural hair to make sure it won't look fake.


What we do?

STEP 1- Consultation

We believe that a consultation is the key to an ideal result of permanent makeup.​ Our experienced artist will explain about Microblading / Nanoblading, ask questions about your skin, desired look and analyze your facial features to recommend the best look for you. 

STEP 2 - Designing

​Artists take a look at your natural eyebrows, facial expressions and structures, and skin conditions.  Your artist will then draw the best design for you. You are welcome to bring some photos for reference.

STEP 3 - Numbing

A lot of people ask "Does it hurt?" Don't worry! We apply a topical anesthetic to reduce discomfort. Many people say "It's not bad at all" and some fall asleep. We will ensure you are comfortable during the procedure.

STEP 4 - Procedure start

We use safe and high quality products to ensure good retention and natural color. We follow universal precaution processes for safety procedures.  Say hello to your new beautiful look!

STEP 5 - After Care

Once we make sure your microbladed eyebrow look beautiful, we apply a smoothing gel and go over aftercare instructions. Home care is very important!


Lead Artist Jiko, Artist Mai $600 → $550 with coupon

Master Artist Hideko $700  $650 with coupon

*The Price includes a  complimentary touchup (within 3 months)

*Complimentary consultations are available before a treatment, please ask

Now you know all about Microblading / Nanoblading for men,
Let's get $50 OFF for your first visit!!
$50 OFF


Meet Our Artists

Salon Island Beauty's Team for Men


Hideko Hayes


Salon Owner
Permanent Makeup

Master Artist

Permanent Makeup

Lead Artist


Permanent Makeup

Our artists are all licensed and trained.

For more information, click "about us" below

Before Your Appointment

*Please ensure that you have read our salon policy and procedure date requirements before booking.

Prior to your appointment:

Do not get sunburn on your face.

No Acne treatment products such as Accutane or Retin A for a month.

No exfoliation, peeling skin products. If you are not sure about the products you are using, please ask.

No blood thinning medications.

No facial waxing for 2 weeks.

No Botox or filler within a month of your appointment.

No contact lenses for eyeliner procedure.

Fill in forms before coming to your appointment


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