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Eyebrow treatment

Brow Lamination Package

Eyebrow & Eyelash Salon
in Waikiki

Brow Lamination 

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 What is Brow Lamination? 

Brow Lamination is the process in which the artist softens the hair follicle using a chemical solution,  then re-shapes, or sets, it into a more refined, lifted, smoother shape. Allowing the brows to become sculptable and fuller.

The result? Perfect brushed up brows that give a fuller, more uniform and defined look.

What does Brow Lamination Package consist of ?

Brow Lamination Package 1 
Brow Lamination
Brow Wax 
Brow Tint

 $100(REG. $130)

Brow Lamination Package 2 
Brow Lamination
Brow Wax
Brow Tint
Lash Lift

$150(REG. $220)

Lash Lift and Tint.png

Who is a Good Candidate? 

Everyone is a great brow candidate! 

Anyone who has thin eyebrows looking for a fluffy, fuller brows.

Anyone who has thick eyebrows looking for cleaner brows easier to maintain.


Tames and smooths thick brow hairs 
Strengthen and thickens finer brow hairs 
Irons out texture and strengthen curly brow hairs. 
Fluffier, Fuller, perfect brows! 


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For a limited time only!

Get $30-$70 OFF coupon of brow lamination package

 for your first visit


​Waikiki Salon

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