Eyebrow Professional Workshop

APRIL 18.19.20


To obtain a Hawaii tattoo artist license, you must:

  1. Complete a blood borne pathogen online course

  2. Take a TB test

  3. Take a Syphilis test

  4. Submit application form and fee to the Sanitation branch. 

Please visit http://health.hawaii.gov/san/tattoo-lists/ for more information

Take a blood borne pathogen course developed specifically for the tattoo industry from ONE of the following online course website below.

The fee and passing score is different for each online course website.

a. Biologix Solutions LLC
Course name: Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control for Tattoo & Piercing Artists Contact person: Dr. Alpesh Patel, Owner, email: biologix.solutions@gmail.com
Phone # (630) 240-0045
ONLINE COURSE AVAILABLE AT: www.blxtraining.com

b. Body Art Training Group
Course name: Bloodborne Pathogens Training and Inf
ection Control for Body Art
Professionals (Course BATG001)
Contact person: Kathy Hartman, Owner/Trainer,
email Kathy@bodyarttrraininggroup.com
Phone # (858) 449-6062
ONLINE COURSE AVAILABLE AT: www.yourtrainingplaceonline.com

c. Compliance Training Online
Course name: Tattoo Artists and Body Piercers OSHA

Bloodborne Pathogen and
Needlestick Prevention Certification
Contact person: Cindy Palmer, Customer Support,
email cp@compliancetrainingonline.com
Phone # (512) 410-7335 x4
ONLINE COURSE AVAILABLE AT: www.compliancetrainingonline.com

d. ICE Training Institute
Course name: Blood Borne Pathogen and Communicable

Diseases for Tattoo Artist
Contact person: Jeffrey Godin, Managing Director,
email jeff@icetraininginstitute.com
Phone # (386) 385-4231
ONLINE COURSE AVAILABLE AT: www.icetraininginstitute.com

Registration Form
*Workshop deposit fee is $500. This is non-refundable.
 Full payment is due by first day of class.



Hawaii tattoo license and blood borne pathogen course certificate is required to take any permanent makeup courses.

How to obtain Hawaii tattoo license?

(808) 722-0835

Waikiki Salon:

1750 Kalakaua Ave, Suite 113 Honolulu 

​Hawaii 96826

Kapolei Salon:

 1180 Kakala St Unit 609 Kapolei HI 96707

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